Something I missed

Now I realized what was missing all the time since I moved my journal to WordPress. It’s the so called blogroll, the friendly list of weblogs and sites you like and follow. I can remember there has once been a link section in WordPress, but after version 3.5 the section disappeared. The data structure remained but the Admin thingy vanished.
Why in hell is there a reason to do this. Back in the early years of the last decade the blogroll was an essential feature of weblogs in general. Everybody in the blogosphere had one.

I am not sure why WordPress ditched this feature. There might be some technical reasons I actually can not think of. But since Worpdress is by far the most used blogging platform on the web this might be a reason why the blogroll more and more keeps disappearing. Those who started blogging just recently might probably never heard of a blogroll.

Using the plugin Easy Enable Blogroll the feature comes right back to the Admin Panel and there is no more reason not to recommend sites you like. I sorted old and unfortunately unavailable links out of my old roll and placed it on the explore page waiting to be extended with more interesting sites.