DVB-T is gone

It was announced DVB-T will be shut down on the 29th of March. Whoops! They did not lie. I just switched on the TV and it is all black. In Germany you can receive TV programs either by satellite, cable, IPTV and DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial) which was the only free option. It was skipped in favor of DVB-T2 (a newer standard which is capable of HD broadcasting). But it is not that free anymore. You will need to pay in order to receive a larger choice of programs or programs in HD or whatever. I did not really read into all the detail about the changes. But I will surely need one of those inexpensive receivers, since my TV is much too old to be able to handle DVB-T2. Well, I guess, I will enjoy a few days without television.

weiterlesen …