11. März 2017 The day of stupidity

So, there is just a „making of…“
Hmm… a making of Nothing 😉

Today was the day of endless stupidity. In the afternoon I tried to make a small trip to the Isenburg in Hattingen. I planned to be there just a fews minutes before 6pm. Right before the golden hour starts. But I took the wrong bus. On Saturdays they do not drive too often. I had a nice walk back, took the right bus and hit the place I was looking for a little late. Just in time to find a composition and do a single long exposure before I had to leave to keep my other plans for my visit in Hattingen.

I had done most long exposure shots over the last weeks with a mirror less Fujifilm camera. Well, make an educated guess what I totally forget to do when I started the exposure on the DSLR. Yeah! I did not close the eyepiece of the viewfinder. Although it was already getting darker the leaked light totally destroyed the image. I packed all my stuff and left the place.

Well, at least I have been out for a fews hours, had a nice walk by the river and the weather was fine as well.

15. Dezember 2016 Das Ruhrwehr bei Hattingen

Das doppelte Wehr an der Ruhr nahe der Birschel-Mühle in Hattingen kurz vor Sonnenuntergang, was zZ. schon am frühen Nachmittag ist.

Bei der Aufnahme habe ich einen Polarisationsfilter und ein Neutraldichtefilter (ND1,8) benutzt um selbst bei dem nervigen Base-ISO von 200 der X-T1 Belichtungszeiten von 20 bis 30 Sekunden zu erhalten.

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