Matcha Zuiun

For me the very best time to taste a new tea is the late Sunday morning. Maybe I have listened to some relaxing music or read some chapter of a book. Today I did both, I read some chapters in Dan Kieran’s The Art of slow travel and listened to a spotify radio channel derived from artists as Sync24, H.U.V.A Network and Aes Dana. All in all easy listening and reading. So my mind is calmed down and I am open a better perception.

Matcha Zuiun is of Super Premium quality and comes from Uji, Kyoto. The served tea is creamy and has a strong dark green color. It tastes quite harmonic, has strong Umami is not bitter at all. I will strongly recommend sieving the tea to avoid any clumping. I left the sieving for the first cup. Bad idea! This may ruin the tea entirely.

I guess, I will enjoy this matcha quite a lot.