Bullet Journaling

I recently learned about bullet journaling (WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer) for the first time. I first thought of it as a mixed bag. Ideas like having an index on your notes is just common sense. How should one have a proper notebook without page numbers and a useful index. But the ideas of different type of logs, individually scaled calendars and lists/logs totally drew my attention.

I always disliked common weekly or daily calendars or diaries for their shortcomings. Either there is too much space for a period or simply not enough and both are lacking of a clearly arranged of monthly overview. Or maybe they are at the wrong place. The last year I used the Moleskine Weekly Horizontal Planner and it totally lived up the previously mentioned issues although it is one of the better weekly planners I have had.

The last year was quite busy. I worked three days a week and had a high amount of time for personal projects. Too keep track on them I used besides the diary another notebook to fit all the information and tasks. A quite clumsy way of organizing yourself. Although I think this year will be more straight forward with five workdays a week and some holidays in between a better way of organizing can never be wrong.

I do not mind drawing my own templates for calendars and stuff, so I will give this bullet journal thing a try.
When googling for the term you will come across some pretty and creative implementations and you might wonders if bullet journaling this is mostly used by younger women. I guess, mine will be more simple.

Following a few of videos on bullet journaling I watched. At a first glance it seems rather weird that people make videos on how to handle their diaries but it is actually quite interesting.