Naja, ich weiss ja nicht, aber das Original gefällt mir dann ja doch noch etwas besser als das.

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  1. I can’t read German but saw you posting about my site. I’m just trying to make things clear… you said »original« being this sites front page. I’m hoping you aren’t implying it is a rip off of this site. Both these sites are built on the same wordpress theme.

  2. Not every blog is running on wordpress and obviously this site does not.
    In Fact my site and the design is much older than wordpress or some wordpress theme…

  3. Well if true then the Hemmingway WP theme ripped your site off. And i built my design on top of hemmingway, not this site. I don’t rip things off so i was just making sure thats not what you were saying… thats all!

  4. Okay, just wondering. If I would have been really pissed off, you would have received an e-mail…

  5. Sorry aber faengst du auch schon an? Darf ich jetzt jedes einspaltige Design als Rippoff meiner Seite anklagen? Das Dings sieht nicht mal auf dem zweiten Blick aus wie deine Site aus. Tee trinken. Abreagieren. Ich kenne jede Menge Blogs, die auf der ersten Seite einen Eintrag bringen und dann eine Liste der aktuellsten Eintraege und mehr Kram in einem Footer.

  6. das einspaltige Layout habe ich ja wohl erfunden und zwar schon sehr früh, weil ich einfach noch nie genug Inhalte für mehr als eine Spalte hatte:)

    Die Linkzellen und die Aufteilung finde ich schon arg ähnlich.

  7. What is that in english? Translaters dont work so well.

    All i can get out of that is: «May I accuse now each einspaltige Design as serrating off of my site?«

    Are you saying you should accuse every wordpress hemmingway theme as being ripped off from your site? Was your site really designed before that theme?

    They are similar in many ways:

    The Title is the same
    The Search bar and icon are the same
    The Footer is the same
    The Left box on the posts are the same.

    But i know that your css is not the same. It is of course different code.

  8. I do not know whether it is a rip off. I never said that, just mentioned that I consider mine as original.

    I am not into wordpress and so I do not know about those themes. I remember wordpress coming up in late 2003 and getting popular somewhat later.

    The information architecture is quite logical so it might be a coincidence as well.

  9. Yeah you’re right. It was just obvious when i saw your front page that one or the other got the idea from the other one (if that makes sense).

    But hemmingway didn’t come out until 2006.

    And sorry about thinking your site was ran on wordpress… but these days it’s almost always an assumption.

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